16-Year-Old Virgin Pic
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Jenny Humphrey in "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin," from Season 3 of Gossip Girl. What a dynamic character.

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    I so totally love nate and jenny together!!! Season two didn't really count but it gave us a sneak peak of what could come!!!


    hell yeah cams dan and serena forever !!!!!


    she almost looks like she's crying here. what a beautiful picture. they are SUCH a photogenic couple. AND SHUT UP ABOUT THE AGE DIFF. ALREADY. can't be bothered to repeat myself anymore, but basically you're being a hypocrite


    i would love to see them back togehter .....that is what im hoping ithink they are perfectly match and that age different makes it better and interesting ....serena could get back with dan ...i think that whole boyfriend ang girlfriend thnig with dan and vanessa will not last long .....but nate and jenny perfect ..


    They ARE coming back next season, better get used to it. And how come no one feels uncomfortable about Jenny/Damien? Kevin Zegers is older than Chace, lol. Hypocrisy anyone?


    Please don't put these two together again!
    Their kissing scenes last season made me really uncomfortable & their age difference is making me wanna throw up!


    Jenny - Nate please..!!
    both of them look so incredible :)
    love to see them back again


    Dan and Serena forever. ♥


    i really wanna know when that convo between serena and jenny about 'never getting it back' obviously meaning the first time is, because over the past 3 season's they have barely talked and they are my 2 favourites.


    Actually, I'd like to see N and J explored just a little more, maybe not ultimately ending up together, but I feel a little more experimenting is needed.