A Sad Nate
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Nate looks a little forlorn in this photo from "The Last Days of Disco Stick." What do you suppose will cure what ails him?

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    That's funny, bc now Chace and Blake are dating, she recently broke up with Penn Badgley.


    Tripp is such an idiot! I cant believe he interrupted the second Nate is about to kiss Serena! I was really looking forward that they'd kiss. I just like them together


    .. He`s ThinKIng OF me... JAJAJAJa!!! XoXO


    Jenny and Nate....not a fan. It's weird. He should be with someone his own age. SERENA! Serenate is endgame.


    I'm not a nate/jenny fan, but saying that they'll never happen is a bit exagerated.
    Now? of course not. but if the show isn't cancelled I bet it will happen one of the next seasons. savage confirmed it, the books themselves confirm it. And I highly doubt Serenate will last that long.


    Wowza, that boy is stunnnnnnnnnninnnnnnnngggggggggg! -Note to Jenny and Nate fans, it's NEVER going to happen. Chace Crawford has already expressed that he's uncomfortable with having romantic scenes with a 16 year old girl when he's already in his mid twenties. That's why they stopped it the last time and that's why it's not happening now. So please get over it and stop clogging the forums with that rubbish.


    Serena. This is her season after all.
    Next season, Jenny, Vanessa, and then Eleanor Waldorf.
    and on 5th season he will become gay.


    From the looks for the pictures.... he and Serena are having fun together, then Tripp comes, takes Serena away and Nate is left all sad! YAY! Bring on Serenate!
    Serenate & Chair forever!


    The background looks like he same one as Chuck,Jenny and that one guy is in.


    I have to agree with the one of the other comments. I don't get why people like Jenny, the pathetic little blair wannabe. She's such a lame twit who needs to grow up and get a personality and some charm.