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Things get very interesting for Adrianna on season two of 90210. She explores her gay side.

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Why gay , why she has to be gay, why cant another cast member be gay, is it me or the writers hate adrianna, like, first a drug addict, pregnat teenager, adoption, more drugs, cheating, o and gay , and the next will be suicede person and drug addcite and pregnat agaian and more drugs, i hate what they done to her. just let her be adriana a girl with a dream. and in love with navid. please is it hard to ask


Pooor adrianna, i feel like the writers hate her in this season. Like she went throug a lot of stuff, in the first season and still want her to do drugs, or get pregant en every season, get oveer it shes not the only cast member, put another cast with a story of drugs common, if they want to kill the caracther , why dont put in the next episode a car accident and there is finish, like that easy.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

That was 10% less awkward than the last Teddy and Navid encounter.


You were spitting up so much salt water, I wanted to go over and burp you like a little baby.