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After the Crash
A scene from the Season 8 finale of Grey's Anatomy.

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ok so you got rid of lexie last season and now slone, im so sad whos next im afraid to watch anymore this was the last straw..............i guess i will watch next week...maybe its just someones dream im so sad


i am a big girl :)


.. I really expect grey anatomy's season 9. i'm from korea, and
i have seen the drama from season 1 to season 8, it was credible and so impressive! so i mostly thank of all staffs and performer. but in season 8, Lexie was 'GONE' why !!! i dont believe this.. ã… .ã…  I have cried all day longã… ã…  just terrible. please dont kill any others ã… ã…  im so sad ã… ã…


The flood gates have opened (again) just looking and knowing whos trapped under that plane


I CAN'T STOP CRYING .. Whyyyyyyyy Lexie WHYYYYYY T_T :'''''(

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