Alex's Love Interest
Ava / Jane Doe / Rebecca Pope won the heart of Alex Karev last season... now she's back. Will he make the same error and let her slip away again?

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remarkable vandalized backtracked lads!extremal Lindsey promulgate!


what is this girl's name in real life? i thought i saw her in a movie, but i'm not sure.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Richard: Dr. Yang, did you hear? Dr. Hahn has agreed to become our new head of cardio-thorasic surgery.
Cristina: You can't have my apartment.

Mark: Good morning.
Olivia: Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t smile at me.
Other Nurse: Don’t smile at her. Don’t smile at me either.
Olivia: We’re on to you.
Other Nurse: We’ve compared notes.
Mark: Compared notes? Really?
Olivia: Compared notes. Compared pick-up lines. Compared techniques.
Mark: Techniques...
Olivia and Other Nurse: Identical.
Mark: Identical?
Olivia: We formed a club. Nurses United Against Mark Sloan.
Mark: Are there any club activities?