Round Table: "Haunt You Every Day"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and plot line, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about their favorite moments and share their opinions regarding the most recent episode of TV's top drama.

Round Table topics for "Haunt You Every Day" range from the arrival of Dr. Erica Hahn to Alex and Ava, Bailey's personal life and new hospital club ideas ...

1. Dr. Hahn: Welcome addition, or Unwanted bitch?

McCritic: A welcome addition. Especially considering the rumors that Dr. Hahn is a lesbian. Talk about sticking it to Isaiah Washington where it counts!

iheartizzie: Dr. Hahn's previous guest appearances were very solid, and I think the actress (Brooke Smith) does a great job. The only regrettable thing is Burke being gone - these college classmates had a great love-hate rapport, a begrudging mutual respect. It will be interesting to see Cristina work with Dr. Hahn.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Welcome. Looks like with Dr. Hahn and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) we're back up to an even dozen full-time cast members. That's a lot to find good stories and screen time for, but I do like Dr. Hahn and think she'll fit in well.

Sexy Sloan

2. We now have Nurses United Against Mark Sloan. What other types of clubs could be formed to rally against (or for) other characters on the show?

iheartizzie: The I Got Syph From Olivia Club. Although word has it this club's server has already crashed twice from so many people logging on at once.

McCritic: Loyal and Dedicated Husbands Against George O'Malley.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Men and Women United in Awe of McDreamy's Hair.

3. For the first time in awhile, we got a glimpse into the personal life of Dr. Miranda Bailey. Do you want to see more of this?

AndYouveGotTheHair: I've been talking about the need for more Bailey on the show for weeks, and this insight into her personal life was an unexpected wrinkle. I'm glad the writers did it, because she's too good not to have more depth.

McCritic: Yes. It makes sense we rarely see the Miranda behind the Dr. Bailey. But this character has the biggest heart on the show. It's intriguing to see how she balances such generosity between her life-saving professional requirements and the demands of a loving husband and adorable newborn at home.

iheartizzie: Dr. Bailey is awesome. She's the go-to resident, regardless of Callie's title. But given her commitment to Seattle Grace, and the lack of attention her home life receives, I've wondered if she is headed down the same road as Richard on a personal level. This week was the first time this has been explored.

4. Diagnose the chemistry between Alex and Ava.

McCritic: Hot and heavy, with a chance for perpetual bliss if treated with proper care.

iheartizzie: Latent, but palpable. If Ava gives Alex the proper medication (a kick in the rear end), hopefully his symptoms of trepidation will be cured!

AndYouveGotTheHair: Breaking out! Someone give this girl 50 CCs of Karev, STAT! Body temperatures will be rising in the on-call room next week!

Alex's Love Interest

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guys gizzie is about the cutest thing ever. callie and george was ewwwh but izzie and george is cute =]


Well, obviously a lot of people have learned to love Gizzie as I have been taking a look at all the polls and comments on various sites and the people who love them now seem the majority. And what is great is that the people who like this couple don't just like them, they LOVE LOVE LOVE them with a passion I haven't seen in a long time (and the people who hate them do the same way). The George and Izzie fans used to be the minority but not anymore, I have seen so many people fall in love with those two and I LOVE it. So what he is married? That marriage was a mistake from day one. Derek was married too, Ava is married too with a kid, Richard was married too, so should we hate all the couples on this show? The double standards here are ridiculous. As for the haters suck it up, many many of us want Gizzie together and what we want counts just as much as what you want. As for Fanforum, I can tell you all the people on there want Gizzie as a couple, I lurk there all the time and a lot of them have wanted them together since the beginning. It is quite sad the haters have to distort facts now to try and get their way, because if Gizzie went back just as friends, eevryone who posts on the Gizzie fan thread, the whole 253 of them, would be devastated.


Ava is way too desperate.


Oh Gosh, I just read the spoilers that Vio listed as a link above. I feel like I just read the whole script from the Thursday episode. I wonder if it is for real? I know some of the things I read, seems like I've heard it or read before that it was going to happen. So, it may be right for Thursday nights episode. It was kinda excitng to know alittle of what is going to happen. Naturally, I love the Mer/Der part but I do believe like I've said before that we better buckle ourselves in for a bumpy ride for a few episodes before all the good stuff happens with Mer/Der. I can't wait..... but in the mean time my nerves will be shot! (ha)!


Oh, and I hadn't mentioned a thing about O'Mizzie. (I prefer that title.) O'Mizzie is... I know it's not a one time thing, but it's not my preferable choice for the moment. I suppose deep down in my heart, I want it to work, but Callie and George got MARRIED. "Till Death Do Us Part", does that not mean anything? Callie's holding on for a certain reason, and hopefully this'll be explained sometime during the next few episodes or sometime this season, at least. But, like Izzy says... "It just feels right". So, you know, hopefully something good will come out of it, and we'll learn to like this couple as we learned to like Addison.


1) DR.Hahn: DEFINITELY WELCOME. At least, in my book she is. She makes for an AMAZING addition to the cast, and Christina hates the fact that she's here. Not that I don't like Christina or anything, I just think that there's some chemistry there, between the two, to make for an interesting season. The Tension couldn't get any worse, could it? (It can get MUCH worse.) 2) Gotta say, I giggled or at least smirked/grinned/smiled when I heard that line. It was funny, truthfully. I think there should be... hum. "Doctor-Nazi's united". I'd like to see that. 3) Gracious, yes! I really hope it doesn't turn out like Dr.Webber... reason being, Miranda keeps her self together most of the time. I've grown to adore and love Miranda Bailey, and she's an amazing consultant as well. Confide in her your problems, she'll listen - if she has the time, of course. 4) Love. :) I love it. It's so cutesy-like. I still prefer the Alex + Izzy couple more, and we know that Alex is going to be there for Izzie when she definitely needs it (we've seen it previously, come now - do you really think he'll ever get over her?), but... Ava's around. And I think Alex and Ava just need to talk. They need to talk. They need to talk. Alex has a thing for Ava, and Ava has a thing for Alex - I'm wondering if it's just a "thing", or if it's more though.
Like a baby and his mothers scent. . . Alex holding Ava's clothes up to his head and taking a whiff was cute.


Hmm, I post on fanforum religiously, the Beautiful geek love thread for George and Izzie and ALL the people there want them as a couple, noone want them just as friends, we all love them as a couple, it is a couple thread not a friendship one. The George and Lexie thread is a friendship or couple one, but not the George and Izzie one and it is the most active thread on the site. We are all dreaming of their next kiss. Check it out: Just the title they are sexy love shows we love them as a couple And same thing with the George and Izzie Livejournal community and its 472 fans, we all want them as a couple and not just friends As for the adultery please, Alex just did the same thing with Ava and I don't see anyone complaining, gve me a break!


I have no problem with differing opinions and I am glad people have them, but as for why I said shes to ashes was ashes was dumb was because of its context in the show. It was said by a non-religious man, and to me it came across as corny. Meredith even said her mother never believed in anything. As for George and Izzie, maybe I was wrong. I guess there isn't enough adultery already in the show.


For the first time in awhile, we got a glimpse into the personal life of Dr. Miranda Bailey. Do you want to see more of this? Chadra Wilson has always been great at Dr. Miranda Bailey, but her character arc and acting for the last several episodes, I believe, are award-winning. I am so excited to see more of her this season and I'm looking forward to discovering different facets of the character and her story as the season goes on. We just need to keep reminding the writers that we want and need to hear more from Dr. Bailey.


I you are into spoilers, check this out:
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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Richard: Dr. Yang, did you hear? Dr. Hahn has agreed to become our new head of cardio-thorasic surgery.
Cristina: You can't have my apartment.

Mark: Good morning.
Olivia: Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t smile at me.
Other Nurse: Don’t smile at her. Don’t smile at me either.
Olivia: We’re on to you.
Other Nurse: We’ve compared notes.
Mark: Compared notes? Really?
Olivia: Compared notes. Compared pick-up lines. Compared techniques.
Mark: Techniques...
Olivia and Other Nurse: Identical.
Mark: Identical?
Olivia: We formed a club. Nurses United Against Mark Sloan.
Mark: Are there any club activities?