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Blair in Real Life
Just kidding. It's "Chuck in Real Life," from the second season of Gossip Girl. But Blair, as always, plays a major role.

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she is very beautiful.........she is more beautiful than megan fox...............she is so awesome........she looks like a barby doll............kisss


blair you are just the best i love you how did you become so beutifull


hello BLAIR WALDROF!! OMG im the biggest fans of yours! well im from brunei, i bet you dont know where`s brunei is, right? hehe. blair, you are so BEAUTIFUL. i love when you smile, its like an angel.


beautiful :)

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Blair: That little troll Vanessa's working my last nerve.
Chuck: Not what I expected.
Blair: Until I realized, this could benefit both of us.
Chuck: You had me until "troll."

Chuck: Waving the white flag, are we?
Blair: Not exactly.