Little Zola looks pretty happy on "She's Leaving Here."
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The dudes of the Jersey Shore never cease to entertain. We love these guys and the entertainment value they provide.
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Felicity and Oliver finally got it on. You may need to take a water break while viewing this Arrow GIF.
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Zola is sound asleep on this episode of Grey's Anatomy.
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Dan and Serena (Penn and Blake) on the Gossip Girl set, filming a future episode in December 2008. What do you think they're saying?
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Bailey, Richard, and Owen have a discussion on Grey's Anatomy.
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No wonder Deeks was so enamored with the gorgeous Kensi. Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, but her smile can light up a room.
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Sorry, Katharine McPhee, but we can't resist posting this photo. We're proud of you for wearing underwear at least.
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