Rest in peace, Heather Brooks. This intern died on the Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premiere.
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There it is. There's that Derek Shepherd smile we've all grown to love.
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Black Canary crouches, a lonely hero beside her wingman.
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Alaric and Jo get married with Damon and Elena standing up for them.
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Kat Graham strikes a stunning pose for this Vampire Diaries promotional photo. She'll play a key Season 6 role.
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Blake Lively isn't in Germany on Gossip Girl business - she's actually promoting The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, her new movie.
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Janina Gavankar will be guest starring on Grey's Anatomy this season, Entertainment Weekly reports. We look forward to it!
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A picture of Barbara, Frank's ex-wife, seducing Mac on It's Always Sunny.
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