Hoss helps Calista with a business venture on Mistresses. "Odd Couples" is the third episode of the show's third season.
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Whether Tony liked his time at the Remington Military Academy or not, he certainly turned out just fine in the end.
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The Bold and the Beautiful airs on CBS. It's centered around Stephanie Forrester and her family.
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We're still unsure of Mr. Putney's intentions toward Caliban. Does he mean the creature harm or merely wish to put him on display?
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Dutch is undercover at a benefit event. The Killjoys are tasked with bringing in an important warrant.
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Wait... did Kaitlyn Bristwoe just spoil The Bachelorette? She posted this photo of her and Shawn Booth in bed on Snapchat.
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This is a photo from Defiance Season 3. It is courtesy of the episode "Dead Air."
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These two are back at it, with a new case for a new season. Details are still murky about Harvey and Mike's newest legal drama, but it's sure to be a nail biter like all the rest.
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