J.D. goes to the funeral of T.C.W.'s husband and is prepared to be a sleaze and put a move on her.
J.D. goes through his surgery elective and enjoys sporting his green scrubs with Turk.
Jay Mohr guest stars as Dr. Peter Fisher, a private practice doctor with a history with Dr. Cox.
Dr. Cox looks at his new born baby for the first time ever and instantly becomes a softy.
Turk finds out that a kid swallowed the enagement ring he was going to use to propose to Carla.
J.D. and Elliot find it hard to become friends again after hooking up.
J.D. and Elliot end up becoming sex buddies when they temporarily live with each other.
Sarah Lancaster guest stars as the shop gift girl who J.D. asks out on Scrubs.
J.D. meets David Copperfield in a bar and defines it as one of the best moments in his life.
J.D. wears his shiny new white coat out to the bar with Turk and Carla.
As residents, Turk, J.D. and Elliot take the night shift but they won't have Dr. Cox to help them.
J.D. is doing so well with his friends after sleeping with Dr. Cox's ex-wife.

Scrubs Quotes

J.D. [to Cox]: you won't admit this, but you're in love with Carla.
Carla: No, he's not.
Dr. Cox: Actually, I am.
Carla: You're starting again.
J.D.: And Carla, you're mad that Turk didn't trust you enough to tell you.
Turk: See? Trust, woman, trust!
J.D.: Whatever. The point is that Turk is sorry.
Turk: Not anymore!
Carla: I can't believe you thought he was a threat.
Dr. Cox: I'm a threat!
Carla: You're not in love with me, you idealize me.
J.D.: Can we just try and stay focused...
Turk: You're mad 'cause I'm scared of losing you?
Carla: Yes, because we're stronger than that!
Dr. Cox: Apparently not!

J.D.: My man Turk, is getting it daily and nightly and ever so rightly! Ah! What up, dogg!
J.D.'s narration: Once every 4.2 seconds a man says something stupid that a woman hears and punishes him for... luckily, this wasn't one of those times.
Carla: What did you just say?
J.D.: "What up...dogg?"