Two of our favorite assistants of all time, Roy and Ellen listen to the speeches given by Wendy and Nico at the engagement party.
Victory quickly buttons her blouse after Roy walks in on her checking herself out nude. He swears he saw nothing but soon the whole world will!
Victory and Roy are hiding from a reporter that trashed Victory's previous line. Roy, however, forced Vic to confront her. Jerk.
Victory and Roy run into a reporter that trashed Victory's last line. Victory just wants to hide but Roy forces Vic to confront her.
Victory (Lindsay Price) sits down with her assistant Roy (Matt Lauria) to figure out what's been wrong with him. Girl troubles? Boy troubles?

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Griffin: Look at you already back to work
Nico: Well, the holidays are over
Griffin: Mmm, they don't have to be

Josh: Your mother is on line two
Wendy: Tell her I'm in a meeting
Josh: I did. She said I should be replaced