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Chuck, Nate and Serena in the March 11 episode of Gossip Girl, "The Lady Vanished." What do you think this conversation's about?

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    Nate always has the same expression on his face. A mixture of being pissed and clueless.


    I reckon what she's done is something like jumping to conclusions about him being "self absorbed" because he's got that look on is face when he's defending himself and justifying his actions. He would be saying something along the lines of "I've been ignoring all of you because i been pretty busy trying to expose my mother! Yeah the one whose supposed to have died giving birth to me!" And then Serena will be like "Chuck... i didn't know..." and Nate would say very little, all the while his expression switching between "WTF" and "How come noone told ME about this?" for the next few episodes. But that's just me. :D


    Serena did something wrong, as always.. why is there something going on with her all the time? oh S.. i l love you.. but please just start thinking.. it's time..


    I think he's pissed at least it looks like that...


    I hope... its about Blair. (a)
    I want them to fight about something that involves Blair, because if it doesn't... then its probably something Chuck doesn't want Blair to know, and i don't like it when I want to kill him -.- "


    chuck is probably yelling at serena for doing something wrong and nate is just looking at them, clueless and confused lol!