Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Lady Vanished"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where we gather to review the events of "The Lady Vanished" and discuss the developments to come.

This week's topics include memorable GG quotes, Serenate vs. Chair (again), Jenny's v-card, various shady characters and whether Danessa is hot or not ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

DANdy: Blair to Serena: "You haven't eaten bread since middle school." BAM!

Gossip Guy: I don't know why, but Chuck's line about Bart telling him kids wear should wear suits to Kindergarten killed me. Maybe it's because I pictured a five year old Chuck rocking a pin stripe as he managed the other kids finger painting.

Mister Meester: An epic Chuck Bass quote, just two words long: No talking.

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2. Who's shadier: Damien or Chuck's supposed mom?

DANdy: Tie. Damien is more outwardly, unabashedly so, having no regrets about slinging drugs or trying to get Jenny naked. But is Chuck's "mom" up to something more diabolical?

Gossip Guy: Damien for sure. Besides carrying the name of the demonic child from The Omen, look at the dude's creepy '80s hair. Who does he think he is, Gordon Gecko? I say watch out Jenny, he's probably just coming in for a Bass Industries hostile takeover.

Mister Meester: Elizabeth/Evelyn. Something about her story doesn't add up. If I were Chuck, I'd ask for a DNA test, 'cause his mommy issues are getting straight up exploited.

3. Should Jenny give up her v-card to Damien?

DANdy: Yes. She already ran away from home. What else is there to do?

Gossip Guy: Sure, if she really wants to exchange her v-card for a raging set of herpes the rest of her life. If it were my choice, that creep would be in jail for statutory rape.

Mister Meester: Please don't, J. We know you've got the good-girl-gone-bad thing going, and it suits you well. But he's not deserving of this. Hold off, you'll be glad you did!

4. We know we asked it last week, but after some of the racy and emotional scenes last night, we have to run it back again: which couple will last longer: Serenate or Chair?

Gossip Guy: Well it really depends on how long Serenate can last off attraction alone. Actually, I dunno, did you see that hot sex scene together? Really though, who keeps a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream in the fridge!? Oh wait, Blair... actually that's totally believable. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I'm not convinced these two can hold conversation long enough to get through a bread-less meal. Sure they had that one scene of dialogue together last night, but even I could barely sit through it. How do you expect the two of them to do that every day!? People this beautiful were meant to be seen, not heard. So my rambling conclusion? Chair's got them beat, but until they break up, I will be enjoying my soft-core porn each week courtesy of Serenate.

DANdy: Serenate. At least I hope so. I'd love to see more of S' oxford collection.

Mister Meester: Serenate clearly has chemistry, but right now they're running solely on passion. Not that it isn't hot, but it remains to be seen if it'll sustain. Chair is forever.


5. Danessa: Hot or not?

Mister Meester: As I said in our review of "The Lady Vanished," I wasn't a big fan at first, but something about these two awkward dorks just clicks with me. Glad they gave it a try. I'll give Danessa a cautious "hot," pending developments in future episodes.

DANdy: Uhh, as hot as the photo above possibly can be?

Gossip Guy: I swear this is not for shock value... but actually kind of hot. We're not talking A+ hot. That was a pretty bold claim there Dan ... but considering the fact it involves Vanessa, you guys should be pretty happy I'm giving you a C+. That means I'll watch each week, but I'm not exactly hopping in for a devil's threesome.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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There's a big problem here.
Apart from the sweet emotional scenes between Chuck and blair that make them seem more like very close friends rather than lovers, all the magic they had in first two seasons is gone.
You just don't get that kick of excitement from watching them together anymore..its all just Awww not Oooooh!
There needs to be a good love triangle on the show and I don't mean like the Dan/Vanessa/Olivia snooze fest.
And BTW Dan and Vanessa are great together!!


1.Blair: "Serena, sit your ass down." 2.Chuck's supposed mom. Don't get me wrong, Damien is a complete skeeze-ball, but he's not shady. I agree with Mister Meester. DNA test. 3.Should she? No. Will she? 80% chance she will. Seriously, Little J, you won't regret waiting as much as everyone says you will. 4.Chair. Serenate seems like they'd be the on-again/off-again couple. Chair just pwns. They're dealing with bigger issues than "I'm a whore and you're a manwhore." 5.Hot. I'm not overly *fond* of Vanessa, but those two just work in a dorky/sexy kind of way.


I used to hate Vanessa,but now I'm starting to like her...guess danessa isn't so bad after all


1- No talking!! Sooooo epic
2- Elizabeth, I fell she's hiding something.. and something related to Jack Bass..
3- I'd like if she do this. But, i don't think she'll, at least with damon.
4- Chair all the way. Agree with Mister Meester, they're forever.
5- I don't even care about them, but i prefer derena than danessa!


1. A few of my favorites had to be the line about Bart saying it's normal to wear suits in kindergarten and Blair telling Serena to sit her ass down and the line from Nate about breaking the dresser. lol 2. I'm really hoping it's Damien and not Elizabeth, I kinda want to see her and Chuck going to mother-son outings, but we all know Jack is behind all of that mommy drama... 3. Should she? probably not.. she plays the rebel thing well but she seems like someone who has a conscience and this would be the last piece of innoncence she has, if she does go through with it she'll regret it I'm sure. 4. I have all the confidence in the world that no matter what happens during the break up of Chair they will survive anything and reconnect.. they are total end game. Serenate is cute but they don't have enough epicness to determine their fate yet. 5. I'm glad they are together because I don't want Vanessa screwing up the couples on this show.. actually they weren't bad together I just can't stand all of her facial movements and mannerisms...


@Mrs Hanna Westwick it is a good theory but remember in 3.05 when Chuck was giving Blair a massage? we saw like his FULL arms and there were no tattoos...plus I'm sure lots of actors do have tattoos but I'm pretty sure with professional make up artists its easy to cover up plus Blair's wrists are ALWAYS showing! :)


@uche bass I SO agree! Chair NEEDS to have more sex scenes! They can do them so much better then stupid Serenate and DAN/VANESSA and Hilary Duff!!! Well I mean shes technically Olivia Burke but lets face it she always just comes across as Hilary Duff! Does anyone else remember when Josh let out that spoiler about how Chair would be having more "sexy time" and maybe they go too far? remember that!? well when that first came out I was apprehensive...But I'm growing so impatient I'm like WHAT THE HELL, go ahead and make a nasty sex tape that destroys your reputations for all I care JUST PLEASE HAVE SOME GOOD GOD DAMN SEX...THAT WE ACTUALLY GET A GOOD LOOK AT! LOL! I love them forever and always and I love that they're supportive and sweet to each other but PLEASE don't loose the Chair from season 1 and 2!


I have two things to say: 1. The Round Table rocks =D 2. Chair are, and always will be, EPIC. Monday's episode just made that even clearer. Love, love, love. xoxo


I have a theory why they never show Chuck and blair have sex or, why Chuck was wearing his PJ when they were lying in bed after they had sex. Its because Ed Westwick has soo many tattoos on his body! Leighton has a flower on her wrist but they cover it with make up, but Ed has like 5 of them on his arms and they are big. But as some of you guys, i really wanna see more Chuck and Blair heat:P


---->uche bass
I totallt agree. i mean its been ages since we saw any sexy chair! and when they finally got together this episode they showed one kiss thats it. Meanwhile we have serenate getting whip cream, strawberries and caramel all over the place. I want more CHAIR!

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nate: But Bart told you your mother died in childbirth!
Chuck: He also told me kids wear suits to kindergarten and blue-chip stocks are great for birthday gifts.

Serena: Since when do you cook?
Nate: Honestly, I didn't even know we had a fridge until this morning.