Columbus Short on Scandal
Columbus Short is at the center of this Scandal scene. It's from the episode "Any Questions?"

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I love this show SCANDAL and the chimistry between Kerry and Tony is dynomite! This show has got to continue! I don't know if i can wait till the fall to see what else Rhimes has in store ( my favorite line was watch me earn you and i'm going to use my powers) also when she got in the car and said DAD-----OMG it's going to be a long summer without the scandalous show on thursday nights!!!


Yes, you have to keep this show going. I don't have cable so I look forward to watching Scandal. I also watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.


I Love Love SCANDAL. Its like thursday will never com. PLease PLease have a 3rd season. I've gotten everyone hooked. Best Drama in a long long long time. Your number 1 fan.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

[to Cyrus] I am in love with a woman who is not my wife. I want to be with her. Not in the shadows. Openly. If I have to stop being President, so be it.


I made my choice, I'm part of the team now. 'Go Gladiators.' Oh, the irony.