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Cyrus manages the press while Fitz prepares a speech to address the American people following Mellie's live announcement that he's been having an affair. Mellie hires a fixer who believes she should give up the name of Fitz' mistress, but she refuses, believing that Fitz would never give up the Presidency.

At Pope and Associates, the team rallies to try and find the mole. Charlie turns to them for help when he realizes that Jake is following him. 

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I was kind of disappoint in how Olivia part ended.So far it has been a tasteful show. I hope that Rhimes have Olivia waking up from a dream as if she had a nigthmare that her serect life with the president was exposed. Why turn the intriguing part of the show into a tacky sterotype drama.Remember she is a skilled fixer of high "class" relationships, why would you expose her's. Have Mellie going thu post parturm and announce that the president mistess is watching a porn show. Put Olivia and Jake back together and have the president become jealous- therefore showing how two high profile connive to win her love. Now that's a good second season.


Liv and Fitz - no no no!!! It's just wrong.


this is the best episode ever i have watched it over and over they are back for good it is time and i pray they stay together no matter what Olivia and Fitz rock


this is the better episode ever i have watched it over and over they are back for good it is time and i pray they stay together no matter what Olivia and Fitz rock


Olivia is so awesome. Her and Fitz's relationship is so true. He followed his heart and it lead him to Olivia's door. I am cheering for them.


I think David Rosen is going to betray OPA. Now he knows that Defiance really happens and Cy was at the heart of it. That's why James lied to the grand jury bcause he's married to Cy. That's his chance to get his life back. This is getting so interesting. ABC better renews this show or I will never watch another show on abc.


I loved this episode. It was time to get them back together. Charlie was watching Jake and Liv sleep together on the film from cameras inside Jake's apartment because the creep has cameras inside his apartment also. Cy asked him for proof that there is something between Liv and jake so he can use when time comes. I think Fitzgerald will find this out from Cy instead of Liv and he will b devasted. Remember in this season he dealing with trust issues. I don't think he will be devastated because Liv was with Jake since she wasn't with him she had every right to be with someone else. He will be devastated because he trusted Jake and Liv let him continue to trust him even after knowing he was being disloyal to Fitz.


I think the mole is Sally. It would be more of a shock if Billy Chambers was still alive somehow and he was paying Charlie. It was not actually confirmed that Charlie killed Billy all we saw was Charlie getting in the elevator with Billy. Cyrus already knew about Defiance if that is really what the mole is after. It would be Sally or Billy who were bitter about it. It seems s a little out of the blue for Governor Reston who Fitz ran against in the lection wanted to figure out the truth about defiance.


They're BACK!!! What an episode~!!!I'm so glad that Fritz and Liv are back and that she made him work for it. Cryus I thought was gooing to have a heartache there at the end. Hey the country has survived Clinton's "piccadalo", so who is the "MOLE" hmmmmm and what is Scott Foley's Jake?????? What was he doing watching the taping and what was Charlie doing watching the video??????????

Scandal Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

[to Cyrus] I am in love with a woman who is not my wife. I want to be with her. Not in the shadows. Openly. If I have to stop being President, so be it.


I made my choice, I'm part of the team now. 'Go Gladiators.' Oh, the irony.