Cute Dan and Olivia
Dan and Olivia are cute. Almost sickeningly so. But what else did you expect? Look at these adorable teens.

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ah... i love this photo. SO cute.
it would be better if it was V or S though.


I think she's almost to cute, to nice. For a young actress she's pretty devoid of faults and short comings. Even after her reaction to when she thought Dan was ashamed of her. I think before I vote for her to stay that I would like her character to be a bit less static. Otherwise, I like the two together.


Who knows...maybe they see that with hillary duff in the show the rattings are good..and people likes this couple..maybe we can have them for all the season..dont u think?


Yeah yeah they're cute but the fact that we already know she's in just for some episodes ruins all that makeout.

Victoria loves chair

they are sooooooo cuteeee. they might replace derena as my endgame ship for dan, but i know they're not endgame because hilary's only a guest star


They're cute.:)

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Where'd you learn to give a pep talk, Guantanamo?