Der and Mer Love
Derek and Meredith are so in love. Post-it note wedding or not, these two are the core couple of the show and always will be.

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Soo Cute


u and mer are perfick for each other. u guys should totley have a baby.


Aww.. MerDer love!


Looks like a fun episode.


OMG YOURE RIGHT!!!! I really hope there will be a MerDer baby this season!!!! IT WOULD BE SOOOOO CUTE!!!!


yes yes oh pls god yes!sorry ive wanted amerder pregnancy since season 4.and with all the innapropriate sex in innapropriate areas....


He is looking at her tummy.. Granted, Ellen had a baby bump then, but still hmmm.....

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR. Surgeons play out worst-case scenarios in their heads. You're ready to close, you got the bleeder. You know it but there's that voice in your head asking. What if you didn't? What if the patient dies and you could have prevented it? So you check your work one more time before you close. Paranoia is a surgeon's best friend.

Meredith (narrating)

Cristina: That list is everything - it is my future. It is my salvation. The list is life.
Owen: You're comparing the merger with Schindler's List?
Cristina: I'm Jewish. I'm allowed.