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Jenny and a Guy
Who's this new guy Jenny's with? Rumored new BF Damien? That's the rumor, at least!

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that's Kevin Zegers! he's cute! what's jenny doing with him anyway? i'm so curious!


I miss season 1 and 2 it was soooo much better.. everyone seems to be a total bitch in season 3


AAAAAAAHHHHHH it's Kevin Zegers! I loooove him! Hope it's a recurring role and not just a one off appearance.


i hate jenny in this season... she is totally b*****...... she forgot where is she from.. and i don't like that she is a queen after Blair...


Maybe he said something strange?


Is it just me or does jenny have a weird look on her face.
and this Damien guy has a cocky look about him

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Blair: My sexual tension radar is unparalleled.
Chuck: Point ceded.

As a famed literary critic once told Oprah, memory is subjective. It can be embellished or denied. But as James Fray knows all too well, the truth always comes out.

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