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Leonard, Wolowitz and Missy
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Leonard and Wolowitz try desperately to hit on Sheldon's attractive twin sister Missy (Courtney Henggeler) without much success.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Sheldon: You see, I'm a superior genetic mutation, an improvement on the existing mediocre stock.
Missy: And what do you mean, "mediocre stock?"
Sheldon: That would be you

Leonard: So, how do you two know each other?
Missy: He once spent nine months with my legs wrapped around his head.
Leonard: Excuse me?
Sheldon: She's my twin sister. She thinks she's funny, but frankly, I've never been able to see it.
Missy: That's because you have no measurable sense of humor, Shelly.
Sheldon: How exactly would one measure a sense of humor? A "humormometer?"

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