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Eh, that couple nickname just doesn't work. Neither does the chemistry between these characters. Right, fans?

Rating: 2.2 / 5.0 (31 Votes)

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    LexDer will never work out!!! it should be MerDer forever...


    whaaat?? sorry..i'm italian..and here there isn't just this episode.. i don't understand..why this inutil person must arrive to meredith and derek's lives?!!? sha haven't reason to broke the complex texture of their lovestory!!!! anyway i think Mer/Der will survive for ever.. beacause they're the best couple of fiction in italian telvision (i think)..


    There is no LexDer. She's just some stupid little intern that doesn't deserve to be on the show. So what if she has the hots for McDreamy, everyone does. But Derek wants Meredith. He loves Meredith. He won't make the mistake of leaving her for some other co-worker again. And since Mere doesn't like Lex, and Derek loves Mere, Derek will come to hate Lex, too. She'll find some other co-worker to sleep with.


    No No No. I prefer Meredith and Derick. She'll probably hook up with McSteamy. Everyone else has.


    Right, but they could also be called DEREX, haha, but yes, they have NO chemistry.


    I just dont understand why lexie has to be in this in the first place. They just need to have Mer/Der get married and have a baby. They dont need to bring this person in she isn't going to do anything but bring poor ratings.


    I just can't stand Lexie right now. I HATE her! MER/DER FOREVER!!!


    if they don't fix this by the fourth episode, i think i may have to stop watching. meredith and derick should be together. period.


    Its just not going to happen between them. Mer/Der will be together forever


    There's no such thing as LexDer, and there never will be if Shonda knows what's good for her & Grey's Anatomy.