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Lily and Rufus Humphrey in the May 3, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. Will this couple survive until the end of the season?

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lilly pregnant or weird angle?


gross. i want to die of boredom when see them onscreen.


don't you know guys? lily has terminal cancer and she'll probablu die, but that would stop me watching the show coz they're my favs!


i'm sorry but if they break up, dan and jenny will have nothing to do with the UES.. what will be their excuse to hang up with the rest of the cast? it's not like they are all very close...


i think lily have some sickness that she couldn't tell to anybody, so she secretly see's serena's dad for some treat or reason... what am i saying???? hahahaha im crazy dooom!!!


lumphrey is such a weird name!


Omg, look like he's holding her : they don't look mind, it looks like they're back together ! I hope they don't break up, i'd be soooo sad, they're my favourite couple :)


They would last forever if LILY would stop lying to Rufus! I LOVE this couple! Im rooting for them!


i hope they survive there the only cuple i would be hart borken to see end i love lilly and rufus

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

I had a buddy that went to Exeter, and the stories he told would make Keith Richards blush.


[on her apartment] In a post-war building on a street that's not even numbered? It's lettered. And its big selling point is that it's above a falafel stand.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 20 Music

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Salvation Salvation Scanners iTunes
Song Forever Young Last Gang
Song Let's See It We Are Scientists iTunes