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Meredith-Derek Love
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What more is there to say about this wonderful couple? MerDer is love.

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    wow derek u and mer are perffect for each other.


    Please bring back the magic that Grey's had in the first few seasons. These last couple of season's have had more downs than ups. I have been finding myself deleting the episode before I completely watsh it. The episodes have been boring, chaotic with only a few good scenes. I do enjoy watching the chemistry between Mcdreamy and Meridith. If it doesn't improve, I doubt I will continue to watch it.


    Aww.. MerDer. I love them together, sure hope they have a real wedding.


    happy birthday Ellen. I asked my boyfriend why I was so obsessed with Grey's and the romance with Meridith and Derreck and he said it was because it satisfied a longing. I wish you many. many years of happiness and goog health and many days with Grey's Anatomy as the leading lady.


    OMG, he is so McDreamy... i love him so much... he is the hottttttttttttest man alive.... I LOVE PATRICK DEMPSEY....


    I sure hope they get married before their contract is up.I hope,when they do get married that they can enjoy & be happy.I feel they never did get the attention they deserve.It has always been everybody but them.Izzy and Yang,Yang & Izzy.Hate their smart mouths & insulting ways.SO TIRED!That includes Alex.


    I have been waiting five years for these two to get married, I hope tonight is the night!!! FYI Ellen Pompeo is preggers maybe they will work that into season six story line :)


    I don;t think they're getting married in this season, but still they're brilliant! :)


    Please get married! That will make this finale so great!


    Please let there be a wedding! It would make the season finale end on a perfect note...aside from the other storyline dramas.