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This is a shot of Annie from "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels." The character has seen better days in her relationship with Ethan.

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I hate this girl, and I hate her character Annie even more. I wish she'd get cut off the show already. All she knows how to do is annoy me with her whiny voice, and retarded facial expressions. She CAN'T ACT! writers please, stop jamming her down our troughs. Her character was good for about the first 5 minutes of the pilot, but then it got old really fast. The whole wholesome Kansas girl this is tired and old. Dorothy needs to find her way back home ... to Kansas, please writers get this spaz of my screen already, all she knows how to do is irritate me. GO BACK TO KANSAS DOROTHY! She is not a strong enough character to carry this show like it's leading lady. That role is better suited for Naomi, or Adrianna. Even Silver is better for the leading female role. Not Annie, she's annoying and boring. Give her the boot already. Send her off to Europe or something, like they did to Brenda, and keep Ethan. He's pretty cool. He reminds me a little of Steve, from the original BH 90210 cast.

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90210 Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Maybe you should drive into a tree.

Silver [to Annie]

I love your eyes. And I love you.