Ron and Sam
Ronnie and Sam get into an argument again on Jersey Shore. That's what they do.

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Sammi is a fucking stupid bitch. In Miami instead of getting mad at ron she gets mad at her friends for writing a letter. So what if it was a letter, obviously they didn't want to ruin they're friendship w/ ron too. She says ron helped her get thru Miami, but he was the root of all her problems. And what she did to the new roommate was ridiculous. She was trying to be nice and ask her questions and sam was being a outright BITCH! Seriously.....grow the hell up


idk but i cant help but love ron and sam...but she didnt need to act that way to the new girl, i mean she tryed to be nice. but i feel for sam, i kno what its like to be "in love" with a guy who gose around with other chicks but what girl hasnt and it gets really embaressing but on top of that theres 3 chicks coming at her, thats the last thing id want . i just feel so bad for the girl. im mean who wouldnt want to be snookies friend ;D lol


I love Sam & Ron!


Ron is a BIG ASSWIPE! He looks like the dumbest JACKASS in the world. GROW UP ALL OF YOU. DORKS! And Sammie? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are so freaking DUMB! I swear I lose IQ points everytime I watch this stupid show which keeps playing reruns of the same idiots. The show should be entitled. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU


sam needs to leave ronnie because hes a drunk so if he goes out to a party or something hes gonna drink too much and start makin out with other girls and then come back to sam which is really wrong. i feel like this show was not meant for people to hook up because they only came on it for fun so if they do get in a relationship it will never work out.

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I don't know if she's using that for protection.


I'm not a guido. I'm a guidette.