Scandalous Again!
Mer and Der rekindle the passion at last!

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I wish I were Ellen so that I could kiss Patrick. I waited for this moment from the moment Derek broke up with Meredith.


LOVEED this scene :) they FINALLY get together after the whole season :) haha yes, i think every girl would love to be ellen; kissing Patrick Dempsey. He is so hot :D


i love Grey's anatomy because I'm learning a lot about the different relationships.. I hope you will continue to empower your show.. God bless you all..! by the way, I envy Ellen..huhuhu... i hope i could also kiss Patrick haha...


love'd that episode!!
love always Syd


i really wish this could be me kissing him
i really love him


holy crap! i love love love this scene! o my god i can say it all by heart :) ellen you are sooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do not know how detailed this scene went on abc, but it is pretty steamy on the dvd. I LOVE THIS SCENE, and waited for it all Season 2!!!


i wish i were her so i can kiss his lips, she is lucky

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Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 27 Quotes

IZZIE: "I'm a pretty girl."
RICHARD: "What?"
IZZIE: "I'm not being arrogant, it's just, it's just kind of a fact. For a long time I made a career from my looks, so I get it, I'm a pretty girl. And not in a 'from a certain angle' way, in an obvious way. It’s the blonde thing and the big boobs thing. Big boobs are a key to 'obvious pretty' if you know what I'm saying."
RICHARD: "Dr. Stevens-"
IZZIE: "It's how men see me. I'm not a smart girl or an interesting girl, I'm a pretty girl. The blonde and the boobs, it confuses guys into thinking I'm someone else. And I'm used to it. And I'm used to them walking away when they realize… But then Denny goes and asks me to marry him."
RICHARD: "Is that why you cut the wires?"
IZZIE: "He doesn't make me feel like I'm a pretty girl. He makes me feel like… like me. I think he might know me. And so, if I did cut the LVAT wire, and I'm not saying that I did, but if I did, then no. I don't feel guilty. I know that I should. I would if it were anybody else's. But I can't feel anything but happy."

CRISTINA: "I didn't like teenage girls when I was a teenage girl."
MEREDITH: "I wore a lot of black."
MEREDITH: "Had the whole angry pink hair thing going on. Wouldn't have been caught dead at a prom."
CRISTINA: "My mother made me go. My date barfed on my dress and then tried to feel me up."