Naomi gets in touch with her spiritual side in this photo. Yes, apparently she has one.
Ivy is definitely a free spirit. That is evident from this "All About a Boy" photo, isn't it?
Adrianna leans on Silver for support on the episode "All about a Boy." She is unaware of what that friend has been doing with Navid, of course.
This is a major step for Teddy. He walks into a party with all his friends, holding the hand of Ian.
Naomi throws a party for Guru Sona on the episode "All About a Boy." It's not her typical shindig.
Teddy's secret is no longer a secret. As seen here, the character is hanging out with his friends AND with Ian.

90210 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I don't want to be gay. I'm supposed to be a tennis star.


I can't do this. I'm the other woman. I'm a cheater and a liar. And your iguana is touching me.


90210 Season 3 Episode 14 Music

  Song Artist
All day day light All Day Day Light The Morning Benders iTunes
Song Arabian Delight Kully B & Gussy G
Song Daydreams Olivia Broadfiled