Rebecca Budig is having fun in the sun in this photo. The actress, of course, plays Greenlee on All My Children.
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Eden Riegel stars on All My Children. She's a fan favorite for playing the role of Bianca, Kelly's sister.
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Sydney Penny will be returning to All My Children after giving birth in May. We congratulate her.
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Vincent Irizarry is a longtime soap opera star. In the fall of 2008, he comes back to All My Children.
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Tamara Braun stars on All My Children. She takes on the role of Reese on the popular daytime drama.
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Eden Riegel stars on All My Children. She plays Bianca, a lesbian that gets engaged to Reese in the fall of 2008. Controversy alert!
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Alicia Minshew is a mainstay on All My Children. The actress portrays the role of Kendall on the series.
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Erica is comforting Kendall as she lies in bed
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Thorsten Kaye won't be moving to Los Angeles. All My Children is moving filming across the country and Kaye is leaving the show as a result.
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Thorsten Kaye is a veteran daytime actor. Fans of All My Children have appreciated his work for years now.
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All My Children is an ABC soap opera. It's struggled in the ratings a bit recently, but won't be going off the air any time soon.
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Kelli Giddish is leaving All My Children at the end of next year. Her character never really took off.
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All My Children Quotes

Kings have jesters. Circuses have clowns. I have Mary.

Adam Chandler

[Kendall has given Zach a plane ticket to Haiti, where they can get divorced quickly]
Zach: You know what? This date's not going to work for me.
Kendall: Make it work.
Zach: Love to, but I can't.
Kendall: Well, what? Is there something going on at the casino? I mean, I can handle it.
Zach: No, I took the afternoon off.
Kendall: What's so important that you can't reschedule it?
Zach: I'm rearranging my sock drawer.
Kendall: Yeah.
Zach: No, it's serious business. I mean, I've got the gym socks touching the dress socks. It's a real mess. Anyway, we've got to reschedule this divorce thing.