Booth comes face to face with an artifact in this Bones scene. A moderator looks on.
What the heck is that?!? Brennan investigates remains in this scene from "A Night at the Bones Museum."
Booth and Brennan are on their way to a crime scene. In this case, it takes place at the museum.
That's unusual. The Bones team encounters dead remains outside the museum on the episode "A Night at the Bones Museum."
Don't they look nice? The cast of Bones is seen here at a museum opening.

Bones Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Sweets: Karloff was a genius. You could feel the mummy's pain, you know?
Angela: He was dead Sweets. He felt no pain.
Sweets: Emotional pain. That never dies.
Angela: Cheery thought. Thank you.

Bones: Director Hacker wants to have sex with me.
Booth: Whoa. He said that?
Bones: Well he said dinner but the implication was clear.