In "The Beaver in the Otter," Jared Booth returns. His brother helps him find a job.
A-ha! A bone! This would be the specialty of Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Brennan just wants answers in this scene from Bones. It's courtesy of the episode "The Beaver in the Otter."
This is not bad work if you can get it, huh, Brennan? The specialist visit a fraternity during "The Beaver in the Otter."
Booth takes on a case in the episode titled "The Beaver in the Otter." During the installment, a fraternity member is found dead.
Booth and Brennan investigate a new case in "The Beaver in the Otter." In it, a fraternity brother is found dead.

Bones Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Arastoo: He mistrusts Muslims.
Cam: Go, grab a beer together, but I am saying no to this experiment.
Hodgins: Yeah, I got that during that part where you said "no" seven times in a row.
Cam: I find that you don't pay attention to the first six.

Cam: Professor Twardosh was not Beaver's sex partner.
Booth: Okay, did anyone think that? Honestly. Because, I did not.
Brennan: Booth believes that the cringe factor was too high, even though cringe factor is not a valid mathematical construct.
Booth: Believe me, it is.