Can he help? Booth's grandfather tags along during an investigation on Bones.
Booth and his grandfather make like Michelle and Barack Obama in this scene. It's fist pound time!
Booth's grandfather doesn't just sit at home. He hangs out with Brennan during a case.
Booth is seen here with Brennan and his grandfather. The latter moves in with his grandson on "The Foot in the Foreclosure."

Bones Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Sweets: Uh, so, shall we go?
Hank Booth: You got room in your bicycle for my bag?

Angela: Booth must be cute with his grandpa, huh?
Brennan: His grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don't understand.
Angela: Well, it's because it makes him feel loved, like when he actually was a shrimp.
Brennan: So the moniker is a sign of affection?
Angela: Very good, Brennan. You never had a nickname?
Brennan: Oh, no, just what Booth calls me; just Bones.