Hey, long time no see! Kevin runs into Chad again during this scene from Brothers & Sisters.
Kitty and Nora are seen here at the park, taking the former's baby out for the day. The scene is courtesy of the episode titled "S3X."
Kitty has seen better days. Her life with Robert is very much on the rocks, as season three winds down.
Awww, Nora is a sucker for a cute baby. But who among us is not?
Hmmm... this might be awkward for some. It's an image from the episode "S3X."
Here's a photo from S3X. The episode is the 21st installment of the show's third season.

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Scotty: We are such prudes.
Kevin: You're not kidding. One possible three-way and we practically have a nervous breakdown.
Scotty: I guess we're more comfortable nesting. We may as well be lesbians.
Kevin: Even lesbians have three-ways.
Scotty: Yeah, but their heart's never in it.

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