Nora is the matriarch on Brothers & Sisters. It's never an easy job.
Robert suffered a heart attack on the special, two-hour episode of Brothers & Sisters that aired on March 1, 2009. This won't stop his Gubernatorial campaign, however.
The Walkers have been preparing for a baby for awhile. This event will finally come to pass on the episode "Troubled Waters."

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Sarah: You're not stupid.
Kitty: No. I am stupid. I married a politician and then I'm surprised when he lies to me?

Kitty, when they put you in my arms and we looked at each other, and I looked in your big brown eyes, I didn't care that your father wasn't there. What mattered was that I had that one precious moment with you and I will always have that. This is the beginning of the most incredible relationship you will ever have. So get your big brown eyes back in there and go meet your baby.