Michael Trucco has made his presence felt on Castle. He plays a love interest for Beckett on the show.
Julie Gonzalo is seen here during a shot from Castle. She guest stars on the installment "Food to Die For."
This is a usual sight on Castle. Beckett and Castle are sitting around and talking about a case during the episode "Food to Die For."
Rocco DiSpirito guest stars on the 5/3/10 episode of Castle. The hour is titled "Food to Die For."
Julie Gonzalo guest stars on the episode of Castle titled "Food to Die For." Looks like her character and Castle get along well.
Tom Demming will remain on Castle through the end of season two. He and Beckett get along well.

Castle Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I know I heard.... Everything.


Maddie:I get it your hot for Castle, you want to make little Castle Babies.
Beckett:Maddie he can hear us.

Castle Season 2 Episode 22 Music

  Song Artist
Song Sleep Comes Lately Malpais
Alexander cardinale so far so long So Far, So Long Alexander Cardinale iTunes
Dry spells slow down Slow Down Dry Spells iTunes