Castle is thrust into the world of high class art during the episode "The Fifth Bullet."
This is always nice to see. Castle cozies up to his daughter in this scene from "The Fifth Bullet."
There's a dead art dealer on the Castle episode "The Fifth Bullet." Will our favorite duo get to the bottom of the crime?
There's a death in an art gallery on the episode "The Fifth Bullet." Castle is looking into it here.

Castle Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Good thing the guy reads Russian literature, if he'd been a Nichols Sparks fan he'd be dead.


Esposito:No bro if the bullet was made out of ice it still would have made a bullet hole
Ryan:I think you mean ice hole
Castle:What did you just call me?

Castle Season 2 Episode 11 Music

  Song Artist
Amy stroup chin up Chin Up Amy Stroup iTunes
Jenni alpert all we need is love All We Need Is Love Jenni Alpert iTunes