You're looking at a scene from the season four finale of Chuck. It features Chuck and Sarah.
Chuck is ready to say "I do." But it won't be easy on the fourth season finale of Chuck.
Sarah Walker In Disguise
Chuck and the gang arrive for his bachelor party in Las Vecas. Not to be confused with Las Vegas.
Sarah Lancaster on Chuck
Gary Cole returns to Chuck as Sarah's con artist of a father in "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner."
Gary Cole returns as Sarah's father as he helps Chuck and the gang get back their wedding money!
Chuck's beloved trio stands around in this photo. It's taken from "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff."

Chuck Season 4 Quotes

Chuck: It's what I do, I'm a spy.
Sarah: No Chuck, you're not!

Awesome: Can't you take the new Sienna?
Ellie: I like my dad's ride.
Awesome: Does your dad's ride get five out of five stars on side impact protection?

Chuck Season 4 Music

  Song Artist
Howlin for you Howlin' For You Black Keys iTunes
Were here to save the day We're Here To Save The Day The Constellations iTunes
In response In Response Peter Wolf Crier iTunes