Say hello to the men of Entourage. They'll be bidding farewell to fans after season
In the appropriately named episode, "Lose Yourself," Vinnie's loses it during an Eminem's party. Get it? Cause that's a name of one of his songs.
Dana Elaine Owens, aka Queen Latifah, guest starred as herself on Entourage. She was yet another pointless cameo in this silly season.
Vince and E sit down for a lunch meeting with the new Air Walker director, Peter Berg.
Jeffrey Tambor makes one of his many hilarious cameos on last night's Entourage.
Along with the drugs, Vince has grown some balls as he goes toe-to-toe with E.
Turtle and Alex's latest tequila drama? They sold too much of the stuff. I know, rough life guys.
Lenny Kravitz did a hilarious cameo on Entourage as himself. Why was it hilarious? They played off his Jewish heritage.

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Ari: Bobby? Flay? You're... dating a cook?
Mrs. Ari: He's a chef, Ari. And he's a businessman. And he's kind, and respectful and generous.
Ari: He's a red-headed fire crotch. He's a genetic mistake!

Entourage Music

  Song Artist
Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
Soul of a man Soul Of A Man Beck iTunes
Song Shutterbugg Big Boi iTunes