After running away from her fiance at the altar, Rachel meets the rest of the gang.
A picture of Ross Geller, the lovable nerd of the group of Friends.
A picture of Chandler Bing, the sarcastic, funny guy from Friends.
A picture of Joey Tribbiani, the dumb, but lovable member of the group of Friends.
A picture of Phobe Buffay, a bit of an eccentric masseuse slash aspiring musician.
A picture of Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, the mother hen of the group of Friends.
A picture of Jennifer Aniston in her iconic role as Rachel Green on Friends.
A poster from the hit NBC televisions sitcom, Friends.

Friends Quotes

Rachel: Daddy! Daddy listen to me! It's like all my life everyone's told me, "You're a shoe! You're a shoe! You're a shoe!" Well, what if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I wanna be a purse or a hat? No I don't want you to buy me a hat, I'm saying I am a hat. It's a metaphor Daddy!
Ross: You can see where he'd have trouble.

Chandler: Joey's tailor... took advantage of me.
Ross: What?
Joey: No way, I've been going to the guy for twelve years.
Chandler: Oh come on, he said he was going to do my inseem, then he ran his hand up my leg and then there was definite...
Ross: What? (Chandler closes his eyes)
Chandler: Cupping.
Joey: That's how they do pants! First they go up one side, they move it over, then they go up the other side then they move it back, and then they do the rear. Ross, will you tell him. Isn't that how a tailor measures pants?
Ross: Yes, yes it is... in prison!