Richard and Derek in another difficult situation. Will these two ever be back on good terms?
A photo from "Perfect Little Accident," the March 4, 2010 episode of Grey's Anatomy. What will Cristina be up to this week?
Bailey smiles, and when she does, it lights up the room. We love her.

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Meredith: You are a no feelings type of girl. Your heart lives in your vagina.
Lexie: My heart... does not live in my vagina!

Cristina: [to Lexie] You can't have feelings for Alex Karev. Emotionally he's like Meredith, three years ago.
Meredith: I said that!

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 16 Music

  Song Artist
Trick pony Trick Pony Charlotte Gainsbourg iTunes
Slippin Slippin' Quadron iTunes
Song You Can Keep 'Em Ali Harter iTunes