A photo from the episode "One Giant Leap."
Claire wakes up... to find herself dead. Our hero doesn't feel a thing from this, of course.
Matt Parkman has explain how he found a little girl. Why can' they understand he can just read minds?
Isaac tries to plea with the woman he loves. We don't see a bright future for these two.
Nathan, listen to me. Come on, seriously.

Heroes Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mr. Bennett: So is that the quarterback?
Claire Bennet: Who?
Mr. Bennett: The boy that you like right over there.
Claire Bennet: I don't "like" him. I mean he's a very nice boy, but...
Claire Bennet: yes, he's the quarterback.
Mr. Bennett: You really wanted to make me happy, you'd only date nerds. Well it worked out very well for your mother.

Peter Petrelli: [Punches Nathan in the face] You son of a bitch!
Nathan Petrelli: Careful, Peter. That's our mother you're talking about.