Cameron pleads with House not to ask a patient to essentially kill himself in this scene from "Simple Explanation." The main storyline of the hour, however, was Kutner's suicide.
A husband, played by Meat Loaf, and his wife are at the center of this House episode. Which one of them will die first?
In "Simple Explanation," a wife that has been caring for her terminally ill husband all of a sudden becomes sick herself. Will she die before her man does?
Meat Loaf guest stars on this episode of House. He plays a husband who has been dying for many years.

House Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Dr. Foreman: His parents were shot right in front of him.
House: Parents are ancient history.
Dr. Foreman: Not to someone who actually cares.

Thirteen: She claims he got stronger as soon as she stopped breathing.
Taub: The mind can heal the body. Seeing his wife in distress might actually have slowed down his death.
House: Or he just had an adrenaline surge when he saw his chance to hit the singles' market.