Mitchell and Cameron hold Lily as they take her to the doctor's office, extremely nervous after bumping her head.
When Manny wants to wear a poncho to school, Gloria supports him, but when he wants to break out the flute, Gloria finally takes Jay's side.
The doctor checks Lily's head for a very nervous Mitchell and Cameron after Mitchell bumped her head while dancing with her.
Whoops! Jay "accidentally" drops Manny's flute on the floor... and then precedes to accidentally stomp on it until he breaks it.

Modern Family Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Cameron: I got MooGoo bear from the freezer
Mitchell: Why do you have chocolate on your face?
Cameron: It was under a chocolate pie
Mitchell: So you ate your way through it?
Cameron: I made a judgment call, you weren't there

Manny: How's my hair?
Jay: Hold on, what are you wearing there? That looks like an old Christmas tree skirt
Manny: It's a traditional Colombian pioncho, I want my new classmates to know I'm proud of my heritage
Gloria: I think you look very handsome, lindo!
Jay: Oh really? Am I driving him to school or is he gonna ride his burro?