A photo from the episode "In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor."
It's not easy for the doctors to make this call, or for the parents to come to grips with the news they have just received.
Everything is turned upside down for a pair of young families and their infant children on Private Practice. What will happen rests in the hands of a few doctors.
Naomi Bennett (Audra McDonald) has a mean streak. This doctor and businesswoman can be tough... although she's obviously a great person.
Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs) has his opinions, some of his co-workers at Oceanside have theirs. What will they decide regarding the switched kids and their families? We'll see.
Sam and Naomi Bennett (Taye Diggs, Audra McDonald) have a spirited discussion regarding the babies and what to do about them next. What will they decide to do?
You don't know the feeling this family endures when they learn their baby isn't theirs... and that they must switch.
Addison listens in to the debate over what to do about the switched babies. What will the doctors decide?

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Addison: What kind of surprise is this?
Cooper: One named Ginger.

Addison: What are you people doing in my house?
Cooper: I told you. It's a surprise. It's a surprise for Sam.
Addison: You know about this?
Pete: Sadly, I do.
Addison: If it's a surprise for Sam, then why aren't you at Sam's house?

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Song Same Mistake James Blunt
Song Hope for the Hopeless A Fine Frenzy
Song Leave Me Alone Frank Popp Ensemble