Megan interrupts as Marco and Keith meet with their wedding planner (special guest Kathy Griffin). We love when Kathy called Megan perky. Very funny.
Marco and Keith's wedding planner (special guest Kathy Griffin) tries to move along Marco's deaf grandmother.

Privileged Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Rose [taking out knife]: This is a survival kit
Megan: Oh i'm gonna hate this story, aren't it?
Rose: You know how I moved in to my own room about a month ago after I found out you guys all lied to me about different stuff?
Megan: You decided to kill us and leave our bodies in the woods?
Rose: Wow, that's super dark megan

Megan: Some might say she's single handedly revitalizing the economy with her shopping addiction
Rami: Some might ask you to take that silver lining and hang me with it