Ivy and Karen both vie for the role of Marilyn in the season finale of Smash. "Bombshell" is the 15th episode of the show's first season.
Uma Thruman as Rebecca performs in on stage on Smash. "Previews is the 14th installment of the show's first season.
We're off to Boston on Smash. This is a photo from the episode "Tech."
Megan Hilty is simply incredible in the role of Ivy Lynn. She lets loose for a number in this scene from the Smash episode "Chemistry.'
Randall follows Rebecca with the paparazzi in tow on Smash. "Publicity" is the 12th episode of the first season.
Movie Star Rebecca Duvall, played by Uma Thurman takes the stage on Smash. "The Movie Star" is the 11th episode of the 1st season.
The ice has thawed a bit between Ivy and Karen. They are here together in a scene from "Understudy."
She has been pushed out of the lead, but only on Marilyn. Ivy is still a major player on Smash.

Smash Season 1 Quotes

Sam: Ivy's doing the nasty with the Dark Lord, huh?
Dennis: That's what I said.
Karen: Who's the Dark Lord?
Sam: Sauron himself, Derek.

Eileen: If that were a real Degas, what would you pay for it?
Julia: That? ... It is a real Degas.
Eileen: Yeah.

Smash Season 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song Never Give All the Heart Smash Cast
Smash cast the national pastime The National Pastime Smash Cast iTunes
Song Beautiful Smash Cast