Alicia looks shaken in this scene and for good reason: she goes up against a lawyer played by Michael J. Fox on the episode "Poison Pill," one who plays up his disability to sway the jury.
Yes, that's Michael J. Fox on The Good Wife. He goes up against Alicia on the episode "Poison Pill."
Lili Taylor guest stars on a November episode of 2010. She plays someone from Kalinda's past.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

Donna: (to Kalinda) Everything's fine. I didn't talk to anybody. I didn't tell anybody your secrets. And if this guy approaches me...
Kalinda: Blake.
Donna: I won't tell him how heartless you can be, how insensitive, how self-preservation is your number one concern, and after four months, you can barely say hello. I won't tell him any of that, okay?