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There were three main storylines this week. They were:

1. Kalinda's feud with Blake intensified. She went to Cary to help learn information about her fellow investigator, which included the nugget that he used to be involved with a Baltimore meth gang. Bond even bailed Blake out when he got arrested once.

Blake, meanwhile, tracked down a lawyer named Donna. We earlier saw her with Kalinda and it was clear these two dated, at the very least. Blake showed up with Donna at a firm gathering to end the episode, much to the chagrin of Kalinda.

2. Eli used his devious powers to get Childs' side to make a video that mocked Wendy Scott-Carr for getting breast implants. But this backfired on both sides when the candidate revealed she got them because she had breast cancer. Childs' campaign manager resigned a result of the mishap. Eli also found video of Grace at a rally for Wendy, as she later told Alicia that she does admire her dad's opponent.

3. The firm took on a class action suit that pitted its client against a pharmaceutical company. Michael J. Fox guest-starred as the lawyer pitted against Alicia and Diane and his character exploited his neurological disorder in court to sway the jury. He was also simply a good attorney.

In the end, he agreed to settle for $35 million, which was a major result for the firm. Looks like it is back on track financially now, but Alicia received bad news when Fox's character admitted after the trial that the class action suit was worth closer to $90 million and he'd have settled for $50 million.

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Will knows something about Derrick and Blake being involved with Baltimore because in the 1st episode he said, "We could use some Baltimore blood in our basketball team." Something like that.


Thank you. You are so right.


Yes, it's an adult drama. But I'm a child. There's more to this show then romance and kisses. Get over it. If you are so worked up over this 'kiss', then you are obviously immature or someone who can't seem to adjust to the changing nature of the world. Seriously, if it took you this long to understand something like that would happen then you obviously don't know what this show is about.
This show is about 'the good wife' and how her life is affected after her husband's public betrayal. It shows her battles yet also has to be melodramatic. Kalinda's kiss and her arguments with Blake show just that.
But this show has to have a sense of reality since scandals like this happen more now. The reality is there are gay people in the world and having to balance work and kids is normal. If you don't understand this, you shouldn't have ever watched this show.


What year is this for crying out loud??? The Good Wife is an adult drama. How can people be bothered by a kiss, when the series opened with the premise that her husband got caught cheating along with accusations of corruption in his job? Are you guys serious? You find it more offensive that women kiss than married men cheat and abuse their position? Men using prostitutes is fine-women kissing is not? I think if you want your kids to grow up balanced maybe that's a viewpoint you should address yourself, rather than go off over nothing. Kalinda is one of the most fascinating female characters on tv, deal with the fact that this show is about people based on real ideas of how people are, not plastic idealised stereotypes that no one recognises in life. This show has depth, real emotion, real intrigue, complicated motives for so many characters...if its depth is too much for some thats your loss no one elses.


MM, Opal, Faye....Is there an email list I can get so I can join in on the organised comment posting by your small group of (maybe just one) narrow minded and individuals?....seriously do you think you're fooling anyone? You really are quite sad.


I love this show very much, especially want to see more the development of relationship between Will and Alicia. Michael J. Fox was amazing and he is wonderful actor.


I said "implied" because, on two of those shows, the activity was off screen but the suggestive dialogue made it very clear what was supposed to be going on. For some reason, it looks like a majority of straight guys somehow find it exciting to fantasize about two women together. That's why at Spring Break, there's always so many girls pretending to make out, just to turn on the guys. They tell me it works every time, which makes no sense at all. It's because of guys like them that the makers of a show like this feel free to show Kalinda and Donna kiss -- but hell would freeze over before they would ever show Will and Blake kissing, even though they make a much hotter couple. And that's called "hypocrisy".


Sorry John Graydon, you must b gay. I'm not a hypocrite - I don't want to see same sex tongue kissing - men or women. Read your response regarding the coincidence of 3 shows... Did you say IMPLIED. Duh. Implied is not physical. I am speking for myself. And who says primetime end @10. I'm sure TGW execs think their show is on in primetime. Whatever, I only watched W&G a few times; didn't care much for it either. Sorry Jack had no love interest - Not.


Where I live, TGW is shown from 10 to 11 p.m. which IS after prime time. I don't know how regularly noshakespeare ever watched Will & Grace, but on it we saw two heterosexual women, Grace and Karen, kissing EACH OTHER a lot more often than we ever saw Will or Jack kiss any man. Partly it was because of the hypocrisy of straight viewers who can only handle the idea of someone being gay if they are portrayed as being completely sexless and having no love life at all, which was only redeemed in the last season or so. But largely because it was due to the large numbers of two-faced heterosexual men who somehow think it's "hot" to see two women together, but "disgusting" to see two men. (Most of them still haven't figured out that it would mean they would be getting even less sex than they do now....) Was it supposed to be a coincidence that at least THREE shows in the last week alone included implied lesbian activity (being Two and A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and The Good Wife)? I don't think so.


Good Wife - Excellent show until the kiss. Y can't we just wonder. I don't want to see two women kissing. Save that subject matter for after primetime. Will and Grace would not have been so popular if that type of scene was written into the script. If you care about your viewers, don't include such things. There are new sitcoms that include the homosexual lifestyle, however, we know that and we can choose to watch or not to watch. Don't blindside us. I'm sure you've lost a viewers already.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

Donna: (to Kalinda) Everything's fine. I didn't talk to anybody. I didn't tell anybody your secrets. And if this guy approaches me...
Kalinda: Blake.
Donna: I won't tell him how heartless you can be, how insensitive, how self-preservation is your number one concern, and after four months, you can barely say hello. I won't tell him any of that, okay?