When was the last time we saw Teresa Lisbon all dress up? We're betting a certain someone wouldn't mind if she wore them more often.
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Patrick Jane takes extreme measures when innocent lives are on the line on The Menatalist Season 7 Episode 9.
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Perhaps it's time for Lisbon and Jane to come clean with the rest of their team about their personal relationship.
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Jane faces his fears for Lisbon's safety when she and the team put themselves in the line of fire on The Mentalist, "The Whites of Their Eyes"
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Lisbon looks very concerned. Is it about catching the gang of armored car robbers or is it about Patrick Jane?
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Oh look! Jane's using the little blue tea cup that Lisbon had put back together for his birthday. Funny how a little piece of ceramic can make someone's day.
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This is your basic scene between Jane and Lisbon. They're arguing.
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Jane is aboard a yacht in this photo. It's scene from "Miss Red."
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Thomas Jane may be very perceptive. But, come on, the guy still feels pain.
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Wonder what message Jane has for Lisbon on this pink note?
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Agent Abbott learns that a transgression from his past may have very real consequences on his wife's future.
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A day at the beach on The Mentalist? Yes, in a literal sense.
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The Mentalist Quotes

Belinda Bittaker: You can sneer at me all you'd like.
Patrick Jane: I will, thank you.

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.