Justin comes with Betty to the MAMA awards and tries to put on a smile after not getting into his performing arts school.
Wilhelmina tries to blackmail Claire to Cal Hartley only to find her plan backfire on her.
Cal Hartley (David Rasche) gives his son Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) some advice when he finds out that Betty is still in love with Henry.
When Marc plans to leave for Vogue he begins to treat his replacement that Amanda doesn't care for very much.
Betty sits alongside Penny Meadows's twin (Rachel Dratch) as the two of them sit through her sister's memorial service.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Marc: Amanda, are you trying to sabotage young Ryan?
Amanda: Yes I hate him. Mark, you can't just replace yourself with another gay guy
Ryan: I'm not gay.
Amanda: Yeah, right you're in a long distance relationship with a lovely heavy woman

Marc: Hey you, Betty's son, come with me to the swag room. I want to get two bags
Justin: Okay