Sultry Serena
Serena is always stylish and sexy. One of the Gossip Girl character's better attributes.

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Omg I love this dress! It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Serena's 'fashionista-look', but most of the time it's a bit to much. Does it really always has to be that short? She's always saying she's a good girl now, so maybe she shouldn't dress up like a play-girl.


ah sorry! Yigal Azrouel dress with a Carla Reiter necklace and MCL cuff ... here's what shes wearing :o)


no clue where to find it but this is what she's wearing... if anyone finds it post it!


I want this dress!! Where can I buy it?


i think she is the hottest character in this tv series. like she has an amazazing body. blair got nothing on her. she is sorta like perfect, shes so pretty, an amazing body. like whoa


okay i am sorry but that is quite short. not jenny short but its pretty short. i guess its not as bad as some of her other outfits. and its cute so that counts for something.

Gossip de la girl

I'm in love with this dress.
As always, she looks stunning.


Serena's hair actually looks descent!


Agreed! VVVVV If anyone ever finds out where they bought this dress for the show, post the link here!

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First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you.


Blair loves the Empire State Building. Even though she doesn't want to, and she should just admit it and make all our lives easier.


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